Top Tips for Selecting an Office Supply Vendor

Every days office supplies are known to be the basis tools which people have to rely on in order to get our daily jobs done. Employees, starting from assistance to order takes, are of the fact that office supplies are important office commodities which support effective and efficient operations.  Pens, stationery, staplers, paper clips, paper punches, paper cutters, etc.

Even if you take it for granted, furniture and office supplies comprise a significant part of the expense of every firm. The smaller the firm, higher is the cost of the stationeries.

If your company chooses the right office supplies company Canada, take a look at the benefits you will be able to enjoy.

  • Save money on the office and other supplies.
  • Get the products that fit your requirements.
  • Always have the office supplies which the employees will need in order to do their jobs.

Prior to choosing an office supplies company Canada, you need to look and consider each of the factors given below.

office supplies company canada

Product and Stock Selection

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the stock and product selection. A good office supply company will have at least 50,000 different items providing generic and branded products.  This will save your firm 10%-70% over name brands.  The vendor offers everything starting from office supplies to electronic accessories. So, your firm is able to place large order from a small number of vendors.


A majority of the office supplies company Canada have the same or similar products that will make it really east to compare the process on the items which you are using the most with the vendor’s catalogues and websites. When you have identified the most affordable vendor you need to find out about the pricing strategies.  Make sure that the price that you are seeing is actually the price that you are going to pay. Do not forget to check if the vendor asks for minimum order and what are the penalties in case the minimum order isn’t met.

Order Process

It is necessary to make sure that the office supplies company Canada allows you and your employees to place the order online through email, fax, and telephone. Make sure that the order method doesn’t have an effect on the delivery timing, product availability and fees.  Online or in print, the product catalogue needs to be easy to search and navigate. It should list the items which is stocked and is available to order. The search functions will allow you to browse through the categories or even a search specific item.


In case you are in one of the metropolitan areas, your vendor should be able to deliver stock items within a period of 48 hours. In case rush and next day delivery is an option then you need to check out the associated cost.

After you are done assessing the fees of the office supplies company. There are many additional issues which has to be considered prior to negotiating the terms which needs and sign the contract.

office supplies

Make sure that you look for the information on,

  • Payment terms
  • Service and support
  • Return and exchange policy
  • Corporate and community responsibility
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