Baths vs. Showers! Which One is a Better Deal?

Cleanliness is next to godliness, this is the motto of every individual since time immemorial including various bathroom solutions and plumbing services Toronto.

So, if you’ve recently purchased a new house in Toronto and are looking to remodel the bathroom, then this article is for you.

Often, for new house owners confusion can arise when it comes to bathroom remodeling. What to pick a shower or a leisure bath?

Well, unless you are rich enough to afford both, most citizens prefer to pick one which will suit their interest best. However, both baths and showers stand out in their own fashion. So how to determine which will suit your needs best?

Simple! Let’s compare the two!

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Baths versus Showers –

  1. In terms of expediency

Are you a busy commuter? Well, then that means you have very less time on your hands! Hence, in that case, a quick shower will be ideal for you. What’s more, a shower is easy to maintain and fix. In case of discrepancies, you can easily call any reputed plumbing services Toronto to fix your shower. Not to mention, showers are quick to clean off your entire body in the nick of time.

However, if you’re the time of person that likes to self-indulge then it’s ideal to invest in a bath. You can take your time washing your hair, body and let the warm water sooth your pores and rejuvenate you.

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  1. What about Skincare?

While a hot water bath after a long day is ideal to ease tension and make you feel refreshed, sometimes it can cause skin problems. Let’s say you have a dry skin condition like eczema then long baths can lead to itching, flaking or dry skin.

Thus, in such scenarios, it’s best to invest in a shower and call any of the plumbing services Toronto to help you install it. Short showers will help you cleanse yourself quickly and prevent chances or skin deterioration.

  1. Relaxation or not

Showers can be soothing in, but that doesn’t mean it can compare to a bath. If you’ve time on your hands and enjoy relaxing, then investing in a bath is a good choice. You can use essential oils, bath salts, scented soaps and take time in scrubbing and exfoliating your skin. This will boost your appeal and make you look refreshed and young.

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  1. Cost management

According to a survey by the US Geological Society an average bath consumes 36 gallons of water per minute while a shower uses only 5.

So, showers are naturally more eco-friendly and cost effective too. However, if you’ve money on your hands then you can always opt for the leisure bath option.

Nevertheless, depending on your requirements weight out your options and invest in a shower or bath. Note: Always pick a reliable plumbing service to ensure whatever choice you make, the bathroom fittings are done right.

You can check out the various plumbing services Toronto online and pick one which suits your need and budget. It’s advisable to pick one which has a good reputation along with reliable testimonials. Good Luck!

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