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Reflections: Celebrating 85 Years of Kin
On Feb. 20, 2005, Kin Canada will celebrate its 85th anniversary. And as a way to pay tribute to the men and women, who have been and are Kinsmen and Kinettes, we are publishing a collector’s edition – Reflections: Celebrating 85 Years of Kin … more
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The Kin Alumni Association is an embryonic organization chartered with a view of allowing former Kinsmen and Kinettes the opportunity to continue the fun and fellowship they enjoyed as active Kin. Its mandate is simply to create opportunities where former Kin may gather to experience, once again, the spirit of Kin without the obligations of active membership.

Membership Criteria

With any new Association, membership criteria must be developed which will serve the organization both now and in the future. During our time in Kin, various administrations, over time, refined the categories of Kinsmen and Kinette participation. As new Kin Alumni we do not have the luxury of a rich categorical history to fall back on. Therefore your steering committee has spent much time and effort in developing criteria which will allow former members of the Kin family to join the Alumni Association. These standards have been drafted, reviewed internally, approved by both Presidents and adopted for use within. Each prospective member must meet at least three (3) of the following criteria to join and remain in good standing.

  1. Must be over the age of 45
  2. Must have attended at least one Zone, District or National Convention
  3. Must have served on a committee at the Club level involving service work
  4. Must be in good standing within their respective communities
  5. Must have filed a tax return within the last 10 years (Foundation requirement)
  6. Must not currently or previously been involved in any alcohol recovery program
  7. Must be an active member in a spiritual organization
  8. Must pass a Police Check (cost to be borne by applicant)
  9. Must have been a member of the Kin family for a least one week
  10. Must have met, glimpsed, or heard Founder Hal speak (even from afar)
  11. Must not wear corrective lenses greater than OD +200/OS +175
  12. Must be able to wax eloquently
  13. Must golf and/or enjoy warm climates
  14. Must be able to discuss intelligently what drugs currently being prescribed
  15. Finally must have enjoyed their years in Kin and be willing to tell lies about it
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